The border between El Salvador and Honduras

El Poy border

Border crossing El Poy El Salvador – Honduras bus. Many people do not visit either El Salvador or Honduras because of insecurity. They decide to continue right from Guatemala to Nicaragua or they go down from Utila (Honduras) to Nicaragua using some shuttle that they take from the island. This is the reason why this border, El Poy, is little travelled. The border crossing El Poy El Salvador – Honduras by bus is not so complicated. Here is our story.

The border crossing was relatively simple. We leave from Gracias in the direction of Santa Rosa de Copan where we change our bus and right there (in the main avenue) you only have to ask for the buses that go in the direction of Ocotepeque. It was very easy to take them and they leave almost every half hour.

Then we arrived at Ocotepeque, where we had to take a bus (or a taxi) that would take us to El Poy. This usually takes less than 20 minutes. Most buses that come from Santa Rosa de Copan do not go to El Poy, which is why you have to take another means of transportation, but it is very easy to do.

Many drivers are waiting at the bus stop to take you to El Poy (immigration office in El Salvador). If you are going to eat something I recommend you do it in Ocotepeque as in El Poy there are almost no restaurants and the path from El Poy to San Salvador is almost 4 hours, so better be prepared.

In El Poy, we did all the immigration procedures (we do not have to pay anything on leaving Honduras or entering El Salvador) and then we had to walk approximately 500 meters to the place where the buses leave. The last bus that usually leaves for San Salvador is at 4:00 pm so it is better to arrive before that time to save you problems. We arrived almost at 4:00 pm and I had to run while Gianna just bought some food for the road.

Finally, we were back on a chicken bus which was not so crowded and would take us to a new experience in a new country.

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