Guide to crossing El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras

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Guide to crossing El Salvador to Nicaragua vía Honduras

This is a guide to cross from El Salvador to Nicaragua via Honduras 3 countries in one day.

This was a long day and we had to cross 3 countries in one day. We needed to leave from El Cuco, El Salvador and get to Leon in Nicaragua.

We got up at 6:00 am and asked for a ride from “La Tortuga Verde” to the town of “El Cuco”. Buses leave every hour, starting at 7:00 am from El Cuco to the terminal in San Miguel. This bus was complete chaos. There were too many people and the worst thing was that they didn’t care, they just wanted to fit as many people as were available. It was a bit uncomfortable but we were used to riding the “chicken” buses so we tried to enjoy and laugh a bit at the situation.  (1:30 hour from El Cuco to San Miguel).

We arrived at the terminal in San Miguel and looked for the bus to El Amantillo. Many of the buses stop in Santa Rosa de Lima (El Salvador) for a couple of minutes, others go straight to the border. (Approximately 2:00 hours San Miguel – El Amantillo)

  • The bus left us exactly at the border where we could do our paperwork at the immigration office, then we crossed a bridge and we were on Honduran soil.
  • From this border, it is very easy to get a small bus that takes you directly from El Amantillo (Honduras) to the bus terminal in Guasuale (Nicaragua).
  • You can also go by bus but the price is very similar and the bus is much more comfortable.
  • This bus usually makes a stop in Choluteca (Honduras) where many people decide to get off to go to El Cañón del Somoto (Nicaragua). (Approximately 3 hours from El Amantillo – Guasuale).

When your colectivo arrives at the Honduras-Nicaragua border at Guasuale, you will be attacked by many people on bicycles eager to help you cross the border because it is too far away. Believe them. It is a bit far. At least 1.5 km, but walking and carrying your bags can make it longer, they don’t charge you anything, just tips. We decided to go with them and cross the border by bike. It was even more fun after all the stress of the trip so far. We were now part of the Nicaraguan land and happy to start a new adventure in a new country.

From Guasuale we took the buses to Chinandega. The last bus leaving for León was at 4:00 pm. We arrived a bit later and had to take a small bus that took us directly and without stopping to Chinandega (Nicaragua).

Once in the terminal in Chinandega, we took our long awaited last bus to León. It was a very hectic day with five buses, three colectivos, a pickup, a bicycle and a taxi making up our itinerary. We arrived very tiredly.

  • The trip can also be done directly with a shuttle that you can hire in El Cuco – El Salvador with many of the hostels but the price is much higher and you miss out on the experience of sharing with the locals.

Here are some photos of this adventure:

El Salvador El Salvador Frontera de El salvador

El Slvador cicala El Salvador mapa

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