Sunsets El Tunco, El Salvador

El Tunco – El Salvador

El Tunco in El Salvador is one of the most popular beaches. It is probably the Salvadorian Pacific beach with the most hostels, restaurants and bars. Because of this, the amount of tourists that visit it is considerable. The fact that it is only 50 minutes away from the capital San Salvador means that it is also very popular with locals.

Many people had told us about this beach especially because of the surfing and as I had never surfed here before I was very happy.

This beach is a very different beach. In my opinion, it is a beautiful beach that is worth a visit. Its sand is quite black, which I find unique and admirable. In addition to this, the current of the sea brings with it many rocks, which are lying on the beach and give a very special style to this beach. The sunsets are spectacular as the sun hides behind the palm trees at the end of the beach, the rocks in the sand, the colour of the beach and the sunset are all very beautiful.

  • If you want to surf this beach and you are a professional, you will love it.
  • It is a perfect place to do it or if you wish you can walk to El Sunzal or La Bocana.
  • You can also visit the waterfalls in Tamanique.  You can take a bus which takes 30 minutes but it is better to go with a local.

There are many hostels in El Tunco and most are between US$8 and US$12. The further you are from the centre the cheaper the hotel is. We stayed in one located 3 blocks from the main street which turned out to be very cheap for two people in a private room.

Here are some photos of this magnificent adventure:

El Tunco - El Salvador El Tunco - El Salvador El Tunco - El Salvador El Tunco - El Salvador El Tunco - El Salvador El Tunco - El Salvador


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