Surprised by the beauty of Bruges.

Bruges, Belgium

At last, I was on my way to beautiful Bruges, a fairy tale in Belgium. My visit to Amsterdam was over. Now I was on my way to quieter destinations. After about 5 hours on the bus, I arrived in Ghent. There I was picked up by my friend Tatiana whom I had met two years ago in Colombia.

Brujas, Bélgica

As I arrived a bit early we decided to go by car directly to Bruges, which is only 1 hour away from Ghent.

Bruges is a beautiful small city. It has many canals running between stone buildings that seem to be frozen in time. It is also known as the Venice of Northern Europe. Bruges is a fairy tale and I still liked it very much. The style of this city is quite authentic and magnificent. It is a very popular place for the people who live in the surrounding area to spend an evening in a restaurant or go for a boat ride. We walked a lot, ate a lot of waffles and drank a lot of beer. After all, I was already in beer country.

Brujas, Bélgica Brujas, Bélgica

It was the first time in my life that I came to a place where beer was so important. You see beer shops every two blocks and the variety of styles is immense. There is a beer for every taste. I thought that was great.

We even visited a brewery where the beer was transported under the floor, directly on the street, as if it were water. Quite curious. Inside was the machinery and history of the company and next to it a very famous bar-restaurant in Bruges.

Brujas, Bélgica Brujas, Bélgica

On the one hand, I was surprised by the brewery theme and on the other hand, I was delighted by the beauty of this city. Most of the streets in the city centre are made of stone. This, plus the gothic style of many of its buildings generated a beautiful visual pleasure that I had only witnessed in films. And of course, without leaving the canals behind.

Brujas, Bélgica Brujas, Bélgica

The city is relatively small and a full day can be enough to get a good idea of the city. Bruges has a lot more to offer than could be enjoyed with much more time. 

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