Travel tips for 2016.


No more believing in stupid chain messages, in meaningless omens, in walking with your suitcase all over the street in the middle of the night on 31 December or in buying yellow underwear because that’s what will bring you luck. None of these things will make you a good person or make your future brighter. Eating 12 grapes at midnight will only change your future if you set 12 goals and strive for them.

The important thing is that you have goals and try to achieve them, otherwise it is good for your health. If your grandmother (like mine) is one of those who fill her pockets with lentils on the night of the 31st, tell her to stop doing that and to give you the money that you need to invest in a project. Lentils in your pockets? That will never turn into money, nor will it create more opportunities in her life, let alone change her lifestyle. We only change it ourselves with every act we do daily, but mainly with our goals. If you are one of those who believe that external factors will change your future, think better that you are the only protagonist of your life and therefore you are in charge of giving direction to it.

Setting goals for myself after finishing my university degree in April 2012 made 2015 practically the best year of my life so far. I had the opportunity to visit 9 countries and 42 different cities, meet amazing people and live unforgettable experiences. I was able to fulfil one of my dreams, which was to study abroad, and I was able to improve my English. I have never believed in omens but I believe in what I can do. I am sure that this confidence is what has helped me to achieve the happiness that is in my head at the end of this year. I don’t have anything material to argue for my happiness because I think that happiness is the moments and things that your mind carries. Today from Germany I would like to wish all those who follow the blog a very happy new year, full of good wishes and may this new year be the year in which you start to plan your projects or in which you start to fulfil them.

  • Here are 5 tips that can help you in this new year to start your new adventure:

 1. Don’t think that happiness is in material things. Many people live much better lives without it.

 2. If you have already mastered it, go for another language. Languages will always be the key that unlocks cultures and allows your experience in other countries to be different.

 3. It can be a town, a city or a country but try to travel. It is pleasurable and life-enriching.

 4. Saving does not only mean saving money but also using it rationally and not wasting it on things that could be omitted.

 5. If you have a “good” job, “good” friends and a “stable” life. Remember that there are many things to know that often need us to break that bubble of comfort which we often get into.

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