The beginning of a new adventure: Central America!

And we’re off to Central America!

So here we are Mexico City, we’re setting out to travel almost exclusively by bus through Mexico and 6 Central American countries (all except Belize), ending our trip in Colombia. The plan is to document our trip step-by-step here on the blog. In a mixture of photos, videos, and writing we’ll share our experiences as well as practical information on buses, border crossings, hostels, and prices for other budget-minded travellers. All of our posts will be translated (by us) into English and Spanish, so be sure to click the link for English or Español that can be found beneath the title of each post!

I made this hand-drawn map to plan our route. We spent about a week compiling information mostly from other travel blogs, getting ideas for where we definitely must go, where we maybe should go, and where we probably want to skip. Of course, it’s all up for revision once we’re on the road, but it’s a good starting point!

Choosing the right backpack is very important…We ordered 6 backpacks through Amazon to find the perfect size, fit, and style combination. You can’t beat free returns and free shipping! Sorry, Mom, for the mess in your living room!

These are the cities and countries that we’re going to visit:

  • México

     – Cuernavaca

     – Teotihuacan

     – San Miguel de Allende

     – Guanajuato



     – Cancun

     – Valladolid

    Chichen Itza



  • Guatemala


    Semuc Champey

    – Antigua

    – Chichicastenango

    – Lake Atitlan

  • Honduras

    – Copan

    – Santa Rosa de Copan


    Nueva Ocotepeque

  • El Salvador

    Santa Ana

    – Tazumal


    – San Salvador

    El Tunco

    – El Boqueron

    La Libertad

  • Nicaragua

    – León

    – Managua


    Lago Omepete

    – San Juan del Sur

  • Costa Rica

    – Monteverde

    Volcán Arenal

    – Puntarenas


    – Montezuma

  • Panama

    Bocas del Toro

    – Volcán Barú



    Ciudad de Panamá

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