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Útila- Honduras

Diving in Útila – Honduras

Útila, Honduras. This was a destination that was never in our plans since we planned our whole trip because of the cost involved. People told us that we only went to Útila to dive and therefore we didn’t plan to spend US$300 on a diving course, we would rather spend that money on other destinations. But as we got...

Frontera de El salvador

The border between El Salvador and Honduras

El Poy border Border crossing El Poy El Salvador – Honduras bus. Many people do not visit either El Salvador or Honduras because of insecurity. They decide to continue right from Guatemala to Nicaragua or they go down from Utila (Honduras) to Nicaragua using some shuttle that they take from the island. This is the reason why this border,...

Frontera de El salvador

Guide to crossing El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras

Guide to crossing El Salvador to Nicaragua vía Honduras This is a guide to cross from El Salvador to Nicaragua via Honduras 3 countries in one day. This was a long day and we had to cross 3 countries in one day. We needed to leave from El Cuco, El Salvador and get to Leon in Nicaragua. We got...