Spectacular destination in Costa Rica: Monteverde

  • Monteverde - Costa Rica
  • Monteverde - Costa Rica
  • Monteverde - Costa Rica
  • Monteverde - Costa Rica
  • Monteverde - Costa Rica
  • Monteverde - Costa Rica


This was our first destination in Costa Rica and it is well worth a visit. There are many activities to do but you have to take into account that many of the prices are very high. In Costa Rica, we decided not to stay too long precisely because of the money factor. We didn’t want to spend what little money we had left. But without a doubt in Monteverde, we found several activities that made me a little wider and I ended up indulging myself in a couple of things that I don’t regret. On the contrary, I enjoyed them very much and I recommend them.

Monteverde is a cool town located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica. Here I was quite fascinated with so much green all around us. From the moment we got off the bus, there was a very good feeling of freshness that increased my desire to walk along the trails and to get to know this destination a little bit better.

– What to do in Monteverde:

  • In this place there is an infinity of activities to do. Here are some of them:

– Canopy

  • There are at least 3 companies offering canopy plans. The circuit consisted of 7 canopy lines which included 2 of “Superman” and their speciality “Tarzan’s Leap”. Lots of adrenaline and great scenery.

– Night tour in the jungle

  • Highly recommended although a bit expensive from what we saw.  This tour was a different and very interesting activity. We were able to see animals we had never seen before and it was even better to do it in the dark.

– Hike to El Arbol

  • Very close to the main town there is an activity you can do for free which turns out to be very interesting. It is located very close to Perro Negro street in the direction of the rainforest. It is a huge tree which has lost its inner part due to parasites. On the outside, you can see new branches and a new tree growing around it. It looks spectacular and I was able to climb up almost 40 inside the tree. This makes it even more interesting.

The Rainforest Reserve.

This is probably one of the most visited destinations in Monteverde. There you can find the famous Quetzal bird, as well as almost 400 different species of birds. It is said to be home to the world’s largest collection of orchids, many insects and plants.

Coffee and sugar cane tours

There are several types of tours in this area specialising in coffee and sugar cane.  They will show you the process of harvesting and uses of these foods. El Trapiche tours is a company that specialises in this.

More tours:
  • Snake Museum
  • Mariposario
  • Bat forest
  • Swimming in the San Luis waterfalls

There are dozens of activities to do in this spectacular lung of Costa Rica. Truly a destination worth a visit.

Monteverde - Costa Rica Monteverde - Costa Rica Monteverde - Costa Rica Monteverde - Costa Rica Monteverde - Costa Rica Monteverde - Costa Rica

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