In the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose

San José – Costa Rica

Our trip was now entering the final stage: Costa Rica. A country with so much to offer. This time we arrived in San José and completed 3 months of glorious travel.

Another “city”. We moved away from Monteverde where we had a lot of fun and decided to explore a bit more of a city. Yes, we were well aware that this meant traffic, lots of people but we wanted to get to know a bit more of San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

We stayed in the east of the city in a very good hostel called We decided to go out and see the city and we did walk around. We visited the whole central part of San José and we were very well accompanied by a friend of mine who lived there. We found the people very cool and although we had been told that the city could be unsafe in some areas we had no problems at all. The weather was perfect to accompany us on this day of walking around the city.

We visited several of the parks and squares located in this city. We passed by the Plaza de la Cultura, a very typical park where you can see a lot of life. Children playing, people walking, lots of commerce and music in the streets. We were also in the Central Market, where you can buy many handicrafts typical of the Ticos (nickname for the Costa Ricans), and after this, we decided to visit the Costa Rican Art Museum where we had a good time with the works they had. Finally, we ended our day at the University of Costa Rica. One of the best universities in Costa Rica where Mariana, my friend, showed us some of the art that a group of young people were expressing in the form of dance and music.

– What to visit in San José:

  • Jade Museum
  • National Museum of Costa Rica
  • Parque nacional
  • Plaza de la cultura
  • Teatro nacional
  • Museo de Arte Costarricense

– Here are some photos of this adventure:

San José - Costa Rica San José - Costa Rica San José - Costa Rica San José - Costa Rica San José - Costa Rica San José - Costa Rica

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