Things to do in Berlin

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Things to do in Berlin

Here are a couple of things to do in Berlin. The order has nothing to do with anything, they are simply places that have caught my attention and that I would recommend in this city.

  •  Teufelsbergs

 – Perfect for visiting the ruins of a cold war espionage centre. Initially it was to be a university college for military technology during the Hitler era. Then it was destroyed in the Second World War and the debris from Berlin was brought to the vicinity. Later, more and more trucks dumped the war debris on the same spot until it formed a mountain. The Americans thus created a centre on high ground to spy on the Russians. All this ended with the fall of the Wall and the end of the Cold War. Shortly afterwards, the site was used for air traffic control, but to little avail.

Today you can see a lot of graffiti on the premises mixed with traces of history. In the immediate vicinity you will also find many green areas that are very popular with Berliners along with lakes and good places for different kinds of outdoor activities.

  • Viktoria Park 

 – Climb to the top to watch the sunset.

  • Tempelhofer Feld

 – Take tours of when the airport was in operation and visit the different places that are located there.

  • Gesundbrunnen bunker tour

  • Monkey bar

  • Climbing the Victory Column

  • Visit to the Reichtag

  • Walk next to the abandoned amusement park Spreepark.

  • Go through the Venice of Berlin next to the Mugelsee and then take the train to the small village.

  • Lakes: Wandlitz, Krumme lanke, mügelsee, Wansee
  • Walk around Tiergartten.
  • Visit the Humboldt University Library.

  • Bars: Monarch, Kulkakrenich, Schmitz, Golden, Teather, the vinerei (wine for 2 euros)
  • Visit Norbanhof station and then visit Berlin wall museum for free

  • Clubs: Ritter Butzke, Sysiphos, Golden Gate, Kater Blau
  • Walk around east side galery and see the Berlin wall
  • Sachsenhousen Concentration camp.


  • Walking in the gardens of Charlotenburg Palace

  • Go to Potsdam

  • Go to Mauerpark, especially on Sundays.

  • Buy clothes at the second hand shop the Nollendorplatz
  • Walking through the streets of Berlin’s gay quarter and visiting the shops

  • Visit the GDR museum.

  • If you are in Kreuzberg during the 1st of May or the second week of June, there are many stops in Kreuzberg.
  • Salsa: Soda (Thursday – Sunday), Clarchens Ballhouse (monday), Panda (freitag), Lux (first freitag of the month), Havana (friday, saturday, sunday)

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