A nice gothic city: Ghent in Brussels

After having finished my trip in Amsterdam and spending a day in Bruges, I set off with my friend Tatiana towards a very gothic city: Ghent. As it was already late in the night we decided to go for a couple of Belgian beers and at the same time taking advantage to see a bit of this beautiful city at night.

The next day Sarah came to Ghent. She is another friend I had previously met a couple of years ago in Mexico while I was traveling through Central America. It really changes the experience in a country or in a city when you are with locals and even more if they are people you’ve known for a long time and you can call them friends. At that point, I did not only have Tatiana but also Sarah and between the two of them showed me Ghent from their eyes.

Ghent was my favorite city in Belgium between the three I visited. Its architecture look a bit like Bruges in a certain way, but this city does seem frozen in time. Contemporary buildings can only be seen outside the historical center and inside of it you can only see beautiful Gothic or Baroque buildings that adorned the entire city. I was quite fortunate as Tatiana studied something related to arts and knew a lot about the style of the city and was telling us stories related to this subject.

We visited Gravensteen located in the center of the city. This castle served as defense and security for the counts of Flanders that inhabited it and now it is possible to visit and appreciate several objects of war and torture that are still in it. The view of Ghent from the top of this castle is exceptional.

After this visit we walked more through a park located in the south of the city in which we find a particular scene of Ghent. The man you see sitting on the top right in the photo below is a homeless. He spends most of his time sitting on that bench. Apparently the ability to advise and talk to people is admirable. Many people come to ask for advice and most of them bring him food.  We even saw people close to them waiting for the lady to finish.

We finished our tour near a university eating pizza.

Then I took the train from Ghent to Brussels, the capital. Many people had already warned me that there was not much to see in this city but as always happens with these tips. It is always better to have your own point of view. After all, they were not so wrong. After having done the walking tour of the city I had a better idea of ​​what Brussels was like. Its main square is quite beautiful due to the building located in its surroundings. The guide told us that in Brussels it rains almost 250 days a year and that day was no exception.


In the afternoon I met my friend Yse, a Belgian girl who I previously met in Medellin, at the central station. As a rare thing at the time of our meeting, there were people offering samples of free beer a few meters away from us. Okay, why not? Then we visited the famous Delirium café-bar. About 3000 different types of beers are sold there. The place is very big and with a nice atmosphere.

The next day I visit the places I still wanted to visit in the city. I walked a lot again but even my impression of the city did not change much. In general capitals always tend to have a negative impact on their beauty and Brussels was no exception.


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