Border Crossing: Antigua, Guatemala to Copán, Honduras

Border Crossing: Antigua, Guatemala to Copán, Honduras

You can get to Copán taking a combination of local tranportation options, but it would require the following: chicken bus to Guatemala City; taxi from where the chicken bus drops you to the bus terminal (call the bus companies beforehand to check schedules because each company has it’s own terminal!); one or more buses to the border crossing; colectivo from the border to Copán. I don’t have the prices for each leg of the journey, but it seems that it would come out to more than the 115Q ($15US) we paid to go directly with the shuttle.

Copan Ruinas - Honduras

The shuttles all leave at 4am and will pick you up directly from your hotel in Antigua. There is no shortage of tour agencies you can book with; just remember to negotiate prices! We lucked out because our hostel, Villa Esthela, seems to have some agreement with the shuttle company and they advertise the price at 125Q, while all the other tour agencies will give you a starting price of 150Q or higher. All we had to do was walk into a few tour agencies and tell them that someone else had offered us 125Q and we eventually found an agency willing to lower their price to 115Q.

We were the first customers to be picked up at 4am sharp in a shuttle much bigger and way more comfortable than the shuttles we were used to in other parts of Guatemala. The company, Trans-land, had advertisements for our hostel Villa Esthela inside the shutttle, making us think that maybe we should have negotiated directly with the hostel rather than dealing with the tour agencies.

We arrived at the border El Florido around 10:30am and passed quickly and easily through immigration on both sides. We were warned that sometimes the Guatemalan officials will try to get some money out of you, but this is illegal. We didn’t pay anything – not even the 40Q the officials at the Mexico-Guatemala border told us we had to pay on the way out if we didn’t pay it on the way in! We changed quetzales for lempiras and walked 1 minute over to the Honduras immigration office. They’ll have you fill out a form and pay $3US or in our case 66 lempiras to enter.  Our shuttle driver waited for us on the Honduran side of the border and less than 30 minutes later we arrived in Copán Ruinas.

We only stayed one night in Copán and didn’t visit the ruins, just because we had already visited so many in Guatemala and Mexico, including Tikal, Palenque, Tulum, Chitchen Itza, and Teotihuacán. We can recommend, however, a great locally-owned hotel close to the central plaza Hotel Don Moises.


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