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A nice gothic city: Ghent in Brussels

After having finished my trip in Amsterdam and spending a day in Bruges, I set off with my friend Tatiana towards a very gothic city: Ghent. As it was already late in the night we decided to go for a couple of Belgian beers and at the same time taking advantage to see a bit of this beautiful city...

Great architecture in Stockholm

The arrival to enjoy the great architecture Stockholm was quite exciting. I arrived in Sweden with no expectations and with little knowledge of their culture, just a couple of things that I previously have read. It was even more exciting because I was on my way to see the northern lights. So far, the only thing I knew about...

Cheap flight tickets in Europe for 5 euros

How likely is it to find cheap flight tickets in Europe? Well, with 5 Euros, the price of 2 beers in Berlin, you can get a one way ticket thanks to the low-cost aero lines. Nowadays anyone who wants to travel in Europe can do it very easily and comfortably by any means of transportation. This variety offers many...

What to do in Berlin

Berlin is probably one of the most interesting cities I have ever been. The city regarding beauty as a whole does not have that much to offer you, except some really nice building. It was mostly destroyed during the second world war. Due to this fact, the city changed its historical buildings for modern ones. However, the history of this lovely city will always be there. Berlin has been the main character….